Utilize Built-In Intelligence

Take the guesswork out of your 3D designs with intelligent tools that minimize training needs and let you quickly detail designs without error. You can automatically dimension manufacturing features in 3D, check dimensional completeness, and graphically display dimensional status on 2D drawings. Automatic interference and collision detection assures all parts fit together before you build a physical prototype, reducing cost and shortening the overall design cycle for a faster time to market.

Bridge the gap between design & manufacturing

SOLIDWORKS provides more than just one way to accelerate your development process. Explore this eBook series to get an in-depth look at how integrating design and manufacturing processes can break down communication barriers and help team members stay on the same page.


Use smarter tools

While SOLIDWORKS provides teams with better ways to communicate, the powerful and easy to use SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD enables companies to accelerate product development, reduce manufacturing costs, and improve product quality and reliability across a wide range of industries and applications.

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Upgrade to Greater Power and Performance

Step up your time savings and collaboration capabilities by upgrading to SOLIDWORKS 2017. With all the tools your development team needs for emerging technologies, see why it’s never been easier to design and create with SOLIDWORKS 2017.

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