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Starting a New PCB Project

Hit the ground running with this quick tutorial on the basics of starting a new project in SOLIDWORKS PCB.

User Interface

Get a closer look at the intuitive SOLIDWORKS PCB User Interface in this exclusive tutorial video.

Define Board Shape

Learn the shortcuts to easily build, define, and edit your board shape in SOLIDWORKS PCB.

Compare Documents

Find discrepancies and fix mistakes by comparing design documents side-by-side with the Difference feature.

Create Components

Get a basic how-to on creating the necessary elements for a component in SOLIDWORKS PCB.

Cross Probe

See how this handy feature lets your visually identify where a specific object in your PCB is located when referenced from a schematic.

Generate MFG Outputs

Watch to see how to generate all the required documentation needed by your fabricator to get your board successfully manufactured.

Grid Alignments

Learn how to easily create, edit, manage grids, and align objects in SOLIDWORKS PCB.

Importing STEP

See how SOLIDWORKS PCB makes it easy to avoid interference between your boards when importing an existing STEP model.

Inspector Panel

This time-saving feature helps when you need to make the same edit to multiple objects in your design by targeting all objects and adjusting the common property.

Multisheet Organization

Keep your project documents organized with this tool that allows you to create flat or hierarchical structures.

Pin Swapping

This feature reduces the time spent on re-assigning nets on high pin-count components in your design.

Polygon Pours

In this tutorial, discover how you can freely add planes and pour polygons on your electronic PCB.

Routing Your Board

Learn more about the several interactive routing features in SOLIDWORKS PCB that make routing your board easier and quicker than ever before.

Setting Design Rules

Stay in compliance with manufacturing constraints by using the Design Rules features to monitor and check for violations in real time.