Key Features & Benefits

ECAD/MCAD Project Collaboration Server

The ECAD/MCAD collaboration server helps to facilitate collaboration between both sides of a design project. Easily link SOLIDWORKS CAD mechanical models to electrical data, all combined into a single managed project to keep all of your design data in sync.

Parasolid Support

Support for SOLIDWORKS native Parasolid file format opens up a world of possibilities for your PCB designs. Link directly to SOLIDWORKS Parasolid models for enclosures and component bodies, and then visualize them in Native 3D to ensure your board fits the mechanical enclosure right the first time.

Copper Analysis

Improving the accuracy of your designs has never been easier with integrated design data between SOLIDWORKS PCB and SOLIDWORKS CAD. Send your board designs to SOLIDWORKS CAD with copper information included, and get detailed thermal, vibration, and mechanical simulations for a new perspective on your design.