Key Features & Benefits

Interactive Router

An interactive routing engine helps to maximize your routing efficiency and flexibility. With intuitive modes such as single trace, push and avoid obstacle dragging, moving around components on your board is faster and easier than ever.

Real-Time 3D Clearance Checking

Don’t waste money on costly prototypes. Confirm that your board and components fit your mechanical enclosure with a powerful 3D engine that lets you visualize the full picture of your design in Native 3D.

Comprehensive Design Rule Checking

Differential pair routing tools in SOLIDWORKS PCB keeps you at your most productive so you can get your designs done faster.

Differential Pair Routing

Real-time design rule checking makes your design process even easier, removing the worry of whether you are in compliance with your manufacturing constraints. Easily check for violations on your PCB, and fix them on the fly with real-time DRC.